Funkwhale on Wikipedia


As there’s no entry for the Funk on Wikipedia, why not write one? What do you guys think?

The only entry related yet seems to be Anyone experienced in writing on Wikipedia? Never done so before, so that’s a god reason to do so.

Here’s a list of things I’ve in mind

Some more ideas?


Since I think Wikipedia is more likely to accept sourced contributions, here is a list of articles/references that mentions us and could be reused to source the entry:


I thought @Elza made one some months ago, but I can’t find any trace of this.


Indeed, I forgot about that, it’s on the french wikipedia:


How cool, so I can use that as a basis. Basically some translation would be needed for a start and highly appreciated, as I don’t speak any French. So could anybody be so kind and provide me with a translation?
I would then see what we have then and try to come up with a 1st draft text.

Idea behind all this effort is to be more likely to be found and “seen”. Spread the word if the Funk :sunglasses: Think it would be highly helpful to be linked in sites like, as well.

Is that a god idea?


Yes, I think it’s a good adea, and improving our visibility will be necessary to ensure the viability of the project on the long term. As long as we respect the platforms guidelines and don’t fall into advertising / false claims about the platform, I’m all in :slight_smile:

If nobody steps up with a translation for the french entry, I’ll provide one this week :slight_smile:

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