Funkwhale on OpenMediaVault with docker



Hello !

Funkwhale looks amazing, I’d love to install it on OpenMediaVault, using docker.
But I am not skilled enough to do it by my self yet, I am looking for support.
I will ask for support on OMV forum as well and update this thread, it may help others OMV/funkwhale users.

I have read the doc, the docker installation, but I am not sure how to use it inside of OMV.
In OMV I have the docker CE plugin installed, and with that, I am installed Nextcloud, Letsencrypt, etc.

Screenshots below of OMV.

I hope my lack of comprehension of docker/linux will not prevent you to help me,

Thanks !


Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to try Funkwhale on a new platform and document your findings.

I’m not familiar myself with OMV, so I’m not sure if what I’ll suggest will be doable or not.

Our typical docker setup is based on docker-compose. I think you can still use that documentation to deploy Funkwhale, but the last part (reverse proxy configuration) may differ since you probably already have something in place for OMV.

Another option would be to ditch docker-compose completely and configure Funkwhale containers via the interface, providing the adequate environment variables / volumes (based on what is described in our docker-compose file

The docker-compose file will also tell you what to specify in each container command field (in some case you can leave it completely empty)


Hello Eliot,

First let me thank you and all the team for the great work you are doing! Long live Funkwhale!

Ok, from what I know of OMV, it should be the right/only way to go. I will try to do that.

Here is the thread on OMV forum I’ve created :

I’ll update both thread.


If you look the thread on the OMV forum, some people are suggesting solutions, but it’s ahead of my skills. I hope someone will manage to do it soon and explained it here.
Thanks !

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