First Impression with a new Prismo Install


I just installed a Prismo instance (will communicate the link later, when it’s stable).

My first impression is very positive:

  • the setup instructions are clear and work out of the box
  • the interface is simple and straightforward
  • it comes with a bookmarklet
  • default community rules are generally welcome
  • errors are informative

Some things I found a bit awkward:

  • “Join us” instead of the generic “Login”: as Sub-comandante Marcos once said: “Don’t join us: do it yourself.”, which is more adapted to the Fediverse; when it comes to basics, stick to it!
  • “stories”, “links”, “discussions”, “comments”: wow, please stick to one! I would use “links”, since this is what Prismo is about.

Some stuff that it inspired me:

  • I might be biased, but I installed Prismo as a replacement for my long lost, er, what was the name again? – that site that we used for online bookmarks that was eventually bought by Yahoo! and ended up killed. This was a fantastic service, and this is my understanding of Prismo: a shar·ed·able bookmark application, like is for books, or IMDB for movies.
  • I’d like that “comments” are not inside the application but an external feature that can be attached through ActivityPub, e.g., from a Mastodon or Pleroma instance, or, in the future, as Discourse topics. I understand that the model is Reddit, but why copy it when we can do it differently. Do One Thing And Do It Well. That’s what AP allows you to excel at.

Thank you for putting this up! I’m eager to see Prismo gain traction and become mainstream.


Thank you for this write-up! I’m really glad you enjoyed the process :slight_smile:

it’s gonna be posts for links/posts (as technically you can also share a text post, not just a link) and comments for comments.

I’m affraid that’s not gonna happen, comments are essential part of Prismo and i can’t imagine their removal. The only option i see is to make it able to disable them in the admin panel globally. And btw you can already comment on prismo posts using mastodon account.


Thank you @mxb for your answers. Since you can’t imagine comments removal, can you consider their federation? My concern is that too many AP-federated applications overlapping their functionality might be problematic in the end. I remember @cwebber at FOSDEM being surprised that so many orthogonal projects would appear. I’m glad they did, but then it would be painful to see them not clicking in like Lego pieces. But that’s still a future concern, worth keeping in mind, but not worth losing sleep on. :slight_smile:


But they already federate :thinking: You can comment on prismo posts and comments using your mastodon/pleroma/whatever account