Feneas handover


We have at least two volunteers who have offered to take on admin, @how and @jaywink. I propose that you give both of them admin access right away, so they can deal with urgent matters under the existing, minimal governance arrangements. With that taken care of, we can discuss future options in a more leisurely fashion, instead of a crisis mode that easily devolves into mutual mistrust and sabre-rattling.

I think there is some confusion. I’m only volunteering to help with admin if Feneas maintains the forum. I think socialhub should have a dedicated admin team irregardless of who maintains the forum. I’m only volunteering to help with my Feneas hat on, due to already limited time.

Imho part of the current problems like email delivery are blockers which admins cannot fix.


FYI: for now, i gave @how admin rights so he can deal with present issues i can’t manage to handle myself. After that, we can proceed with the discussion.


Awesome! Is there a way to broadcast that to all forum users and anyone else looking for someone to poke about getting deferred admin stuff done? Do we have any other volunteers?

Sorry for the presumption, thanks for clarifying. Going back to the longer term stewardship question, as I currently understand it, the proposal from Feneas is to:
a) add at least one more active admin (@jaywink)
b) allow the community to self-govern their use of the building, within the limits of a CoC that (as I read it) just codifies a “be excellent to each other” ethic, while providing enough funding and maintenance to make sure the building doesn’t fall down.

Have I missed anything?


i think there is a subtlety overlooked regarding how the term “admin” is being used in this thread

forums and chat rooms have a concept of “discussion moderator”; that is not necessarily an admin

an admin is a person who can log into a shell on the server to fix problems with the software and operating system (such as getting email integration to be functional) - a moderator does not require that, but they are able to manage users and edit/delete posts from other users, using only their web browser

by that definition, im not sure now which abilities @how was given; but it seems to me that jay was offering only to be a moderator

so to be clear, it is more server admins that are needed, so that critical emergent operational issues can be addressed promptly


Continuing the discussion from Feneas handover:

Come here and ask, or create a new topic in #site-feedback.

Pending tasks are being addressed as soon as possible starting with identifying different software teams involved with ActivityPub and present here in order to create the missing categories to facilitate discussion.

Some topics have already been addressed, e.g.:


Good point @bill-auger. I don’t know a lot about how Discourse works, but usually forum software has at least two tiers of Special Cow Powers, that are quite separate from shell access to the server running the instance of said forum software;

  • moderators: have powers to remove comments and threads that are OT or abusive, put hot-headed users on probation, ban spammers and trolls etc
  • admins: have powers to promote or demote moderators, create and delete boards etc

I presume that under the Feneas proposal, the existing Feneas sysadmin and treasury team are offering to take care of the sysadmin stuff, and paying for hosting and domain name(s). I presume that @jaywink is offering to be an admin, by the definition given above, and that these are the powers @how has been given. Can either of you correct or clarify any of this?

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Sorry since email notifications still don’t work, didn’t see this.

Feneas is proposing to handle hosting and costs. Having anyone as admin (read: Discourse admin) is not necessary, but was suggested since it seems there is not enough admins at the moment. Personally I have way too many things to do already, so I’m not looking for more admin access, but if need be can help set up categories, moderate, etc.

I’m confident with Feneas hosting we would at least have email notifications sorted out immediately as the hosting is not depending on a single person - we’ve got a small team which we will be growing as more services are hosted. We have good monitoring and very reliable servers and SSL certs do not expire. Our current 30 day uptime is 99.580% across all the services (https://status.feneas.org/). A bit sad, mostly due to some problems with the Synapse and Friendica services which are now solved.

Personally, until basic things like email notifications work reliably, we can’t even promote this forum.