Feneas handover


I’m new here, so I will defer from expressing my opinion with regards to the proposed handover. Just a couple of short comments on the political aspect of the discussion.

I think there is a confusion here. Being political doesn’t mean you have to affiliate yourself with a specific political party or even register as one.

Which also sounds problematic. Last HOPE Conference had a similar term at their CoC (“Everyone is welcome regardless of (…) political beliefs”). Guess what happened when fascists showed up. They let them stay, because they accept all people, regardless of political affiliations.

Being neutral, is actually a very strong political statement.


Hey @jaywink , when you do read this, I just want to say I’m sorry you’re feeling stressed out by this discussion, and to once again acknowledge your good intentions. Just to be clear, I wasn’t making any accusations against you or Fenneas, and I didn’t see anyone else do that either. The concern is what might wander through the proprietary door if it’s left open, and how to mitigate that.

Maybe anyone continuing with the discussion could focus on brainstorming solutions we could help Fenneas enact, regardless of the final outcome of the proposed merger?


Let’s have a small poll. My target is not to have a majority vote here - I just want to capture the state.

For transparence(?) I would like to state that I am pro Feneas handover, mainly because administration seems to have stalled (New category for ForgeFed?, Email notifications)

If you oppose the handover, I would suggest to leave a reply why so your concern can be addressed.
Feel free to also leave a reply why you support, accept or have no opinion.

If your concert is already part of the previous discussion, a summary should be enough.
(For example you could state that you have concerns regarding opening up to proprietary/non-free actors.)

The poll is configured to not pay attention to who votes, your vote is “secret”.

I … the handover of socialhub.network to Feneas:

  • support
  • would accept
  • oppose
  • (No preference)

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