Federated Events


LONG story SHORT: I think it’s time to federate events! :smiley: :palm_tree:



I never touched Python so I’m waiting news about an AP PHP library, especially because I think would be great if we can have a simple plugin that people can install in their WordPress and share automagically their events in the Fediverse: like Pterotype for posts!

Anybody willing to help pushing this topic forward? :wink:



That was my goal to write such project (heavily inspired by facebook events) after making prismo stable and finishing the AP Rails plugin :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m that somebody and I’m very interested in helping the idea get around into a much more wholesome implementation and not a prototype.

To that end, FedEvent is available under MIT license now: https://github.com/shiburizu/fedevent

And if you need to drop me a line directly on fediverse I’ve set up a new account [email protected]

I have a whitepaper that had the ideas of the implementation (written in spanish) that I will translate and deliberate on how FedEvent works and we’ll talk integration to existing projects as I get the time to analyze them. open-sourcing is what I can do on short notice, but basically Fedevent is a front-end for a bot account on Mastodon to send out notifications.


Hi there,

We at Framasoft (the non-profit backing PeerTube) launched the Mobilizon project that will also federate events.

There’s also Friendica that has events and recently implemented ActivityPub (that is, to my knowledge, the only project federating events over ActivityPub to this day).


@mxb cannot wait!!! :smile:

@shiburizu wow that was superfast, great thanks!!! :wink:

@tcit I didn’t know that! :smiley: Do you plan also to decentralise maps like I proposed in Collaborative Maps with ActivityPub as well?
I’m looking for tools to use in my local community, Mobilizon sounds promising! :sunny:


Friendica’s events page immediately requires a login to even see it, I find it very uninviting on a fediverse scope. FedEvent and GetTogether do not require logins to browse the site (however GT has a login process on their own side – something I avoided experimentally with FE). There are a couple design challenges in any such system:

  • Supporting the broadest range of protocols (Mastodon bridges APub and GNUS, the major players basically)
  • Authenticating Fediverse users: While I’ve seen OAuth style sign-in done on the very popular Tusky client for Masto, I cannot imagine every service implements this. By the same token, I find most social instances support private or direct messages for 2FA-like auth codes. Otherwise any notification system would be able to ping users without their consent repeatedly because fediverse doesn’t have an “identity” system in place.

Please note: Not requiring a login is a philosophy I had building FE to try to write a system catering exclusively to fediverse users, but I can see GT implements their login system and linking a server-side login to an APub identity would probably be a lot less hassle on the end users.

@360fun I had challenges implementing leaflet to geolocate events on FE just because I didn’t have much time to implement it, if you have a better tool to implement that would be useful.

Some notes on the subject while I’m away from my desk.


I agree with you: the login should not be needed if the user just wanna see the events! :wink:
Especially multiple identities is something that needs to be fixed in the future, MoodleNet team wrote an interesting article about it: https://blog.moodle.net/2018/what-is-emoji-id/

Right now I’m not touching much code so I cannot help in that side, but I’m into a lot of different project so I’m trying to move things forward putting people together and bringing ideas! :tanabata_tree:


Glad to have found this thread, Events is something I have been thinking for a while.

Ultimately I’d like to incorporate ActivityPub Events into a wordpress plugin, I am currently waiting for a PHP ActivityPub library to finish developing : Pterotype


When I was searching before I had also found this project which seems to have stalled


I was curious about this too and tested out the events in Friendica, but from what I can tell the events don’t federate (there is no attached json or rss related to the event). Maybe in a future version.

NextCloud also has a calendar app, and has started federating, so it may just be a question of time before we see more implementations!


That’s odd. I didn’t test, but they explicitly told me it worked. :thinking:

I’m also it’s maintainer :wink:.
Indeed Federated Calendar Sharing is in the works, but Nextcloud federation is not compatible at the moment with ActivityPub, only the Social app does.


Osada has federated events and attendance over ActivityPub; though there were no other known implementations to test against when this work was completed last year. The project itself is no longer being maintained, though there are still a number of active instances.


Diaspora folks have also put some thought into how federated events could work, in association with a dev from Friendica. Initial discussion: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora_federation/pull/44

Proposed spec: https://diaspora.github.io/diaspora_federation/entities/event.html

It would be awesome if a federated events standard could be defined in such a way that it could be used as an AP extension, and an extension to the Diaspora standard, and potentially in other federated systems (social web clients using XMPP, Matrix etc).