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Hi all, as I am setting up my local FW server, I got to the step where I wanted to import my (large) local music collection. I found the page which describes how to do the in-place import and used this command on my server (adapted slightly for my non-docker environment):

python api/ import_files “/srv/funkwhale/data/music/music/**/*.mp3” --recursive --noinput --in-place

When I ran that though, from within the python virtual env, I got an error saying the command was missing a required parameter, “path”. According to example given, the order of things is meant to be manage-py then the options, then the library ID and then the path to the music files.

So, after some trial and error, this command ended up working for me:

python api/ import_files --recursive --noinput --in-place {{mylibraryIDnumber}} “/srv/funkwhale/data/music/music/**/*.mp3”

I am submitting this as a request to update this documentation page to reflect the (I think) right command:

Thanks for providing this great software and great documentation for the community.


you’re right, we miss the parameter in one of our documentation example. I’ve fixed that just now, thank you for reporting it!

By the way, the order for the options (beginning with --) isn’t that strict, and you can put them at the end of the command if you prefer :slight_smile:

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