Coordinate translations


:ok_hand: thank you!

I’ve added you as Arabic reviewer, and also added @elza for Esperanto



I did a lot of translation work for German (German is ready for 0.18), and would happily be reviewer for German. I also worked on some of the French translations, I could also be a reviewer for it, but i’m not sure this is necessary, as there are already quite a few…

A few other things that I had in mind regarding translation work:

  • I think there is a possibility to allow modifying source strings (so, English) directly from Weblate. If it is possible, maybe it might be worth considering, as some English string would need to be adapted/changed. What is your opinion on that?

  • @eliotberriot, I might have read somewhere that you wanted to have all strings contexted to help translators. I do have quite a lot of time in the next days/weeks and I could start doing that. I would need instructions on what is expected as context and how to add it. Let me know if you want me to start working on it!

Good luck to all translators! :+1:


I would like to be a reviewer for italian since i did the majority of this translation, if you want!
My user there is
Or if you prefer my mastodon link is


Hi everybody

I’m XoseM, galician (gl) translator. I may also be reviewer/proof reader


XoseM at fediverse


@jovuit 've added you as a German reviewer. Since we’re already three for french, I guess we’re enough for now, as you guessed :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how this could work, since the source string are located in Funkwhale and I’d rather not give Weblate write access on the source code, but if you have any link / documentation / information on how the feature is supposed to work, I’m okay to look at it!

Otherwise, I’d gladly accept either a message / issue / MR with the list of problematic strings after the 0.18 release :slight_smile:

Indeed, adding context to source strings to improve translation quality is on my to-do list for the next release. I’ve created a dedicated issue for that, I suggest we move this discussion over here :slight_smile:

Your help with this would be much, much appreciated because it’s a huge task!

Thanks @silkevicious, you’re now a reviewer!

Thanks @XoseM, you’re now a reviewer!



I’m Kaze (, a native PT-BR speaker and would like to be a collaborator for the respective language if possible :slight_smile:


I’ve added you as a coordinator @Kaze, thank you for the help!


I currently do a lot of en-gb localization for Elementary OS and a few other projects. I’d be interested in seeing an en-gb option for Funkwhale and would happily review/contribute :slight_smile:

My weblate username is @sporiff


Contributing on the #spanish translation, some of the already translated quotes are really wrong and totally confusing…


@capmisson I’ve added you as a Spanish coordinator, thank you for your involvement :slight_smile:

I’ve also added @ariasuni to the list and french translators and removed myself for that language!


thanks, I will keep working on it these days


@eliotberriot not sure why but I think I’m not a reviewer, but anyway did a good part and checked a good part too today


Oh right, I apparently did not check the proper box, it should be fixed now!


Hi there,

@eliotberriot I’d like to help with the german translation as a reviewer. The name’s the same like here: gerry_the_hat



I’ve added you @gerry_the_hat :slight_smile:


Thanks @eliotberriot
May I ask a rather silly question? How can I check in Funkwhale what was being changed / corrected by me? I am thinking about some kind of quality checks. So I’d like to apply the new language pack (how?) and see what I’ve done. Background is, that for some texts / words the context is missing completely which may produce silly translations.


Yes, we’re (mainly @jovuit) in fact are working on contextualizing all the strings. I don’t have anything to offer you right know to try the changes you suggested, unless you are willing to run the development version of the project on your computer (in which case I can provide some guidance)


Running the dev version is all it needs? So when I’m finished with todays translation work, I can install that corresponding dev version and see what I’ve done? Should not be such an issue, right? As I’m using Funkwhale as a whole in one container, so fetching the daily dev image seems to be straight forward, isn’t it?


Sorry, I wasn’t clear, you need to run the dev version using our git repository, then pull your translations to see their effect locally. We don’t have continuous deployment of translations in our docker images (including the develop one) yet


Hello there!

Just finished translating strings for Russian and would like to do some reviews now. Username is the same: SpcCw