Confirm account email with tracking link


Hello, I’m new at just because I need an account to contribute and give feedback to some of the projects here.

I just wanted to note some weird issue, in my opinion, that happens with the confirmation link you send to activate the account.

The sent email contains a text-link to with an activation code like

but this links to

Most of us here are privacy concerned, so we dont take this issues with indiference. Please consider why you need this feature and, at least, make it transparent for the user and send a copy/paste code in the email so people could have the choice of non being tracked. Thank you.


It looks like all the links send via email (including the ones in notifications, for instance) contain those tracking links. I think the SMTP provider that handle is injecting those, can you confirm that @mxb?


I just noticed our SMTP account on had a tracking options enabled in the settings. I disabled them now but test mail is still being sent using a tracking domain - hopefully that’s just some kind of a cache. I’m gonna double check it later. If tracking domain will still be there, i’m gonna contact the support.


aaaand tracking junk is no longer present :slight_smile:

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