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Something I didn’t find in the docs. Is it possible to choose the folder where the UI “Add content” function send the music to ?

Thanks !


Hi @isidoreisou

You cannot change it specifically for audio fies, however, you can change the place were all media (audio, uploads, avatars, federation cache, etc.) are sent using the MEDIA_ROOT variable in your env file. You can for instance move this directory to another partition on your server and update the MEDIA_ROOT value to the new path :slight_smile:


Hello @eliotberriot

Sorry for the delay!
Still trying to put my music library on an another location,

  • I’ve copied the full media folder on my other drive
  • I’ve changed the MEDIA_ROOTvariable in my .env file
  • Change new folder ownership to funkwhale:funkwhale
  • reboot

But no luck, I can read my music, but I can’t import music anymore, from the webUI. I’ve got an error each time.

What did I miss?

Thanks a lot!


Well I have to add that I’m using Yunohost. And my problem is probably not Funkwhale related. But I’m welcome to any help!


Can you please share the error / logs? It would help me to pinpoint the issue :wink:


I have this error, but unfortunately I don’t know where logs could be saved.
(The size is 6MB here)
Thanks a lot.


can you share the logs from journalctl -xn -u funkwhale-server after a failed upload?


It’s obviously a permission problem. I’ve tried something violent like chmod 777 on my raid folder, but it did not change anything.

Need help with SSL and linking storage

Finally I will stop trying to store my music on a separate drive, because it makes everything more complicated. It’s true for a lot of apps on my server. Thanks a lot for the support.

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