Call for proposals: we have some money, how should we use it?


I like to be the bearer of good news! My former colleagues collected some money for me before I left, and offered it to me, preferably to invest it in the project, for a total of 730€.

Although I could technically donate this money to our Open Collective page and not bother with how it’s used specifically, I’d like to use this opportunity to support a specific project / feature / development / event / activity…

Thus, I’m launching this call for proposals: how do you think we should use that money? I personally have a few ideas I will describe below, but feel free to add your own to the list!

Proposal template

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Describe why you think this proposal would help Funkwhale and make the project better.

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We’ll close votes on december 31th and review the most popular proposals in january, then kickstart the selected project(s)!


Proposal: Redesing
Estimated cost: 730€ (possibly more)
Description: is the project website and I feel it doesn’t get the attention and care it deserves right now. Content is sometimes outdated, presentation is rather bad, and a full redesign of the website would benefit the project as a whole.

Ideally, I’d like to make it easily translatable (just like, merge in it, and have a better organisation of content to showcase our feature, activity, etc.

The money would be used to pay for the webdesign and graphical elements, as I’m willing to do the integration as part of my work on the project.


Proposal: Hosting a public and moderated Funkwhale instance
Estimated cost: 500€ per year (this includes moderation payment to the moderator(s) if they wish

One of the strong factors of Mastodon’s rise was that every new person could create and account on the instance run by Gargron, the mastodon main dev. I believe this is because that people either don’t exactly understand at first how instances work (I’ve personally seen this earlier this week with the new tumblr’ users joining Mastodon) and because people trust that the main dev isn’t going away anytime soon, plus the fact that the instance is explicitly reaching it’s funding goals.
If we want new artists to join Funkwhale, including those that don’t necessarily understand how Federation or even computers in general work, this could be a welcoming step for them. People using that instance might also be more likely to contribute funding than people on other instances (as they would help out their local admins costs before the devs maybe).
For the url, maybe it would be best if this proposal was believed to be the best to migrate the current project page to like peertube and mastodon already do ?
Also, I think it’s perfectly fine that you would just keep the money as your friends gave it to you more than to the project I think. You could justify this by counting your hours if you want but I don’t see the OpenCollective funding goals getting reach very soon. This would at least give you some help in taken your leap of faith.


@Niquarl this is an interesting proposal, thank you!

Those are the things I like with the idea of having a flagship instance (which is basically what you suggest, unless I’m mistaken):

  • As you noticed, it makes it easier for newcomers to join the network without fiddling too much with federation and other possibly unknown or difficult concepts
  • It can be used as a real-world deployment to test new features and the scalability of the platform
  • It can also provide a lot of free-licensed audio content so anyone starting a Funkwhale instance can get some music out of the box

There are a few potential pitfalls I’d like to discuss though. My main concern is to have this flagship instance evolve into a single point of failure, which would hurt decentralization, increase hosting fees, moderation work, etc. hosts 300k user accounts, which is way too much IMHO and I’d rather not have Funkwhale evolve into the same situation.

However, I’m confident we can find the proper balance, maybe by enforcing a time-to-live for accounts created on this instance? You could use your account for a month, then it would be freezed and you’d have to migrate to another instance (we’d offer a clean migration path of course, to ensure you don’t loose your data/network).

On good news is that we’ll have a project instance as soon as tomorrow: I’m taking back the ownership of

Thank you :blush: To be clear, I do have an income right now, even if I’m not employed anymore, and it should last long enough to allow the project to grow (and me to earn a living from it ;). I’m not currently in any financial danger, that’s why I’m comfortable investing this money for the project.


This is good news. Perhaps we could make clear then that instance is being taken care of by the Funkwhale team (if it’s not already said).

Was there a consensus on witch project would be funded then ? I can’t seem to find the results. :confused:


@Niquarl I have to admit this has been on hold since we started the work on the non-profit, because it’s the most important priority right now.

Well my contact info is available on the about page, but I did not mention the Funkwhale team, because I’m the only one with access right now, and I’m not sure how to phrase that. Here again, I expect it to be more obvious when we have an actual collective supporting the project :wink:


Ok, no problem. Going into a organised non-profit foundation is a huge step.

As for how to phrase it, I think Gargron’s use of ‘Founder and lead developer’ (as mentionned on Mastodon’ts open collective page eg.) is a good bet. Once you’ve got the organisation going you’ll have an official proper thing of course.



A rss feed to know when an new update is aviable will be great.

Best regards


Yep, I like that phrasing, I’ve updated the about page of open audio:

This instance is currently managed by Eliot Berriot, the founder/creator of Funkwhale, until we have a proper organization to take over the management and moderation of the service.


@majax please do not use unrelated topics to ask your questions. You can easily open a dedicated topic for that :slight_smile:

You can subscribe to in your Atom/RSS reader though :wink:


Whast’n a question, but realy needed and i havent found before.
Thank you for the link.

Best regards.


Personally, I would’nt mind if the money just goes to cover living costs for @eliotberriot so you can focus more on Funkwhale :slight_smile: