Call for moderators


One of the actions from [Announcing] Funkwhale Sync #1 was to recruit moderators for our community spaces. Moderation work includes:

  • Ensure the code of conduct is respected (once we have settled on one) and our spaces remain safe
  • Ensure participants are welcomed/answered properly and/or redirected to the adequate place if necessary
  • Ensure discussions stay on topic

Our community spaces

As of today, the list of our community spaces includes:

Appointment process

Until we vote another process, moderators will be appointed by me for a limited duration (e.g. a few months). This will leave us some time to work on a more structured and democratic process for moderator election.

We’re looking for people who can commit for at least one or two hours a week and who have been involved on a regular basis in one of the spaces mentionned previously. If you’re not sure this apply to you, you can ask me privately on Matrix or Mastodon.

You’ll be given some guidance before starting, and you won’t be alone. I’ll personally remain available on all of those spaces to help with the moderation work and answer any question you may have. You’ll also be able to resign at any time, no question asked.

If you want to offer your help, drop a reply here, and indicate the space (or list of spaces) where you feel comfortable doing moderation work.

Who’s in?

At the moment, we have:

  • @troll for the #Funkwhale channel on Matrix
  • @l4p1n for Funkwhale’s mastodon account


Available for matrix, gitlab or discourse moderation :slight_smile:


I’ve added @renon and @troll as Matrix moderators. @renon, you already had the right to moderate Gitlab issues (since you are a member of the Funkwhale group), so you can consider yourself a moderator on this space as well.

@mxb I’m not sure how/if I can appoint a moderator here? I’d like @renon to be able to moderate Funkwhale’s categories if possible :slight_smile:


Done :white_check_mark: i’m affraid only admins can make user a moderator. Would you like to add @renon to Funkwhale group as well? It’s gonna display a funkwhale logo on his avatar and Funkwhale team title next to his name


Perfect, thank you! I’ve added @renon to Funkwhale’s group :slight_smile: