Call for candidates for the Board, Steering and Moderation Commitee of the Funkwhale Collective


We discussed about our ideal organization. We wrote statuses. We agreed on a set of values and rules.

Now, it is time to move forward and give birth to this (yet unnamed) collective. To do that, we need you.

We’re looking for individuals who want to get involved in Funkwhale’s organizational and management aspects, to join one of this entities:

The Steering Comitee


The Steering Comitee is responsible for the well-being of the project and community.

It ensure decisions match our values and rules, maintain a safe and productive environment for the community to decide what’s best for Funkwhale, and arbitrate if no consensus is reached.

Members (At least 2, up to 7)

There are no defined roles in this commitee. The commitee will organize itself according to our statuses. Generally speaking, we’d like to have as much diversity in this commitee as possible in terms of background, experience, skills and interests: community management, development, design, internationalization, product management, documentation, accessibility…

Special requirements

Candidates for Steering Commitee seats must be Funkwhale contributors, as defined in our statuses:

Contributors are people who contributed on the project with discussions, translations, development, bug reports, documentation, administration, organization, moderation, or any other assimilated task during the past 6 months.

The Moderation Comitee


The Moderation Comitee is responsible for the safety of the community.

Moderation Commitee members mainain, promote and enforce, when needed, our Code of Conduct.

Members (At least 2)

There are no defined roles in this commitee. The commitee will organize itself according to our statuses.

The Board


The Board is responsible for the well-being of the Association (especially in juridical/administrative/functional).

By design, it should be a rather low-maintainance job.

Members (at least 2)

  • One President: legally represent the association, organize the assemblies
  • One Treasurer: manage financial assets, and send payments
  • One Secretary (optional)
  • One Vice-president (optional)
  • One Vice-treasurer (optional)
  • One Vice-secretary (optional)

Special requirements

Candidates for Board seats must speak french and live in France.

What do we offer?

Fukwhale is a growing project, with a strong emphasis on community-building and doing things in a sustainable, respectful and inclusive way.

We believe in our values and goals, and will do everything we can to stay true to those.

We are ready to welcome you, cooperate with you, help you develop your skills while contributing to the project, and adapt to you, as needed.

Although the collective lacks financial resources now, it may also be possible in the future to financially compensate some of your work on the project.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to respect our Code of Conduct. Everyone in the community should do so, but you especially because you will hold a position of power whithin the collective.

We also expect from you to accept constructive criticism, adapt when needed and cooperate with other members of the community to help us reach our goals.

How to apply?

Simply post an answer to this topic with your name/pseudo, the name of the position you’d like to apply to, and a succinct description of what you’d like to bring to the project :slight_smile:


@sporiff, I’d like to be considered for the steering committee

I mostly provide documentation and work on user-guides to try and expand the project’s reach, as well as try to provide guidance in the troubleshooting chatroom/this forum. I’m also teaching myself to solve some of the simpler bugs/issues so I can try to help take some of the load off. In meatspace I am a technical support analyst and ex-postgraduate researcher, so I hope my skills could be of some help.


@eliotberriot I’d like to be apply for a seat in the steering commitee as well

I usually contribute to project maintenance, deployment and administrations of tools for the community, development of new features, bugfixing, and I think those skills and experience could be needed to transition the project to a community-driven effort, and reduce our bus factor.


@ginnymcqueen I’d like to apply for either the Steering or Moderation committee. My experience is in anti-abuse/harassment and community management. :slight_smile:


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