Bridges / Converters


I recently caught myself thinking about how one could implement bridges (like in Matrix), for briding “networks” that won’t support ActivityPub themselves.

Think about a web comic exposing an RSS feed for new pages. To follow it through an AP server one could implement a RSS-to-AP converter into the server.

For now the converted feed is only available internally. I then could expose it as an [email protected]. But then maybe someone else also decides to do that, using [email protected]. Nothing wrong with that I guess, but read on. :slight_smile:

I am now thinking about a way to expose the feed without creating a proxy user.
Maybe you could implememt it in a way that allows you to say “follow by using the converter exposes” ( or

I would include the converters in the server metadata (like whether registrations are open), so this data can be collected by instances in the federated network.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


@criztovyl did you see ?


There is instrument

{ type:Follow, object:, }

But you would still need an actor with an inbox to deliver this to so it wouldn’t solve anything.

FYI hubzilla allows you to republish any feed you follow, and even apply filters for tags/text


Instrument looks like what I searched for, thank you. :slight_smile: