An initial roadmap for Funkwhale


Over the years, Funkwhale has grown and become more complex and rich. It is hard for everyone (including me) to understand what’s going on. What are we working on? What should we prioritize for future developments? What have we achieved recently?

As you probably guessed, we’re clearly missing a roadmap for the project, and I’d like to work on that, with you.

The end goal of this topic is to collectively build a roadmap we can share and refer to when needed:

  • To communicate with our backers and people interested in the project
  • To redirect contributors toward prioritary tasks and issues

This roadmap will not be a rigid plan of what we have to do. We’ll keep the freedom to work on items that are not on the roadmap, or reprioritize as needed. It’s more a high-level overview of where we want to go.

How do we do that?

The first step will be to collect and compile all the important issues and discussions that were opened over the years. Most of those happened on either on or on this forum:

If we browse all of those and pick the ones that attracted the most user attention, could impact positively the project on the long term, or unlock some use cases, then we should have a pretty good base to work on. The next step will involve prioritization of the items, which will happen separately.

How to suggest a roadmap item?

Please, do not suggest roadmap items that have no issue or no discussions started anywhere (or open those issues and discussions first :wink:

If you identified a new, interesting roadmap candidate, please post it in a comment in this topic. Please try to stick to the following structure:

## Title

Small description

Link to issue or forum topic


## Tag/Genre browsing

Support hashtags and genres on audio content to improve discoverability.

Already suggested roadmap items

Suggested items will be added here.


I’d like to include the following items in the roadmap

Creators profiles

The ability for creators to claim and manage their profile and content on the network.

Podcasts support

The ability to share and enjoy podcasts and other non-musical content on Funkwhale.

Audio live streaming

The ability to broadcast audio content (such as a radio) in real-time, in a Twitch-like fashion


The following issues spring to mind immediately:

Gapless Playback/Transitions

As an audio platform, having gapless playback/fade transitions is quite important. This can be achieved in desktop applications such as Clementine, but it would be nice to see it implemented in the web player.

Playback Mixer

Most desktop audio players have playback mixers (equalisers) which give them some control over the different levels in audio playback. Providing this functionality on the web player would make it a much more dynamic playback experience.

Easier Discovery of Music

The ability to follow public streams of music genres in order to discover new libraries, bands, artists, and users to follow would be a great way to boost the social and federated elements of the platform. This also relates to the issues around tagging music

Currently, finding new music on FW requires that you seek out public libraries by visiting different instances, or receive invite codes from other users. One of the joys of using

It may be quite nice to have a public Wekan board (or equivalent) which allows people to see/vote on features in the roadmap without having to trawl through Gitlab, which could be a bit offputting for new users.


Easier music sharing

Several features to follow multiple libraries at once


In the lines of using Funkwhale to discover and share music: support the creation of pages pointing to (commercial, all rights reserved) works hosted somewhere else.

And Support Podcasts, as mentioned above.

These two features would allow public Funkwhale instances to go beyond the current limitations of freely licensed music without getting into gray legal areas. It would make public Funkwhale instances more appealing to a wider and more diverse range of music and audio lovers.


I’m moving the discussion here:

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