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Hello everybody,

I’d like to know how Funkwhale is supposed to deal with multi-disc albums. As you can see on the screenshot, it’s well tagged on Picard, but FW won’t respect the order of the tracks, or won’t recognize that there is 2 discs.

Am I doing something wrong ?


If I remember correctly, when I reported this behaviour (on Matrix), @eliotberriot told me that it should have been fixed in the latest version. But I just checked on my 0.18 instance, and i get the same behaviour as you. This is frustrating, especially on concept-albums


Thanks for your feedback @anon13869180. @eliotberriot should I create an issue ?


@isidoreisou yes this should have been fixed, so if it’s not working, it’s definitely a bug. If you could also include two of your files in the issue (truncate via ffpmpeg, like that ffmpeg -i original.mp3 -ss 0 -to 1 truncated.mp3, since I’m only interested in the tags here :), that would be really helpful!


Sorry guys, I forgot to tell you that I’m on a Yunohost installation, so I have a Funkwhale 0.17 and can’t update before the Yunohost package is updated. But it should be updated soon I think. As soon as i’m updated, I’ll create an issue if it’s not fixed.


Hey, sorry for the delay,
I can confirm that on my current version 0.18.2 multiple disks albums are perfectly displaying as Volume 1 / Volume 2, etc.
But I’ve had to re-import them after updating Funkwhale.
Thanks a lot.

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