Adding pronouns to your bio


Hello there!

As part as our ongoing efforts to make the community more inclusive, we have a small request for you.

If you’re present on this forum, our Matrix rooms or our Gitlab instance, when you have a few minutes, could you please make your pronouns apparent, either in your display name (on Matrix) or in your profile/bio (on the forum or Gitlab)? Instructions or doing so are shared below.

Thank you :heart:

cc @ginnymcqueen


The reason behind that is that explicitely saying which pronouns someone should use when talking to you helps people gendering you correctly. For a more detailed explanation, you can check out this Twitter thread:

suggestion for cis ppl (& binary ppl in general) - a big reason it is helpful to put your pronouns in your bio is not just because you want people to gender you correctly, it is also because it normalizes the practice, & makes it harder for transphobes to harass trans/NB people

most cis people have no experience with the harassment trans people go through on social media for the sheer crime of existing - if everyone gets used to the practice of clarifying pronouns (yes, even when it’s “obvious”), that weakens a primary weapon of transphobes on twitter

if you’re still figuring it out, don’t worry about it - people are generally cool and will adjust for you (just… give them a few months. be patient.) I cannot stress this enough - now especially is the time for us in the LGBTQIA+ sphere to protect each other

while we’re here it must needs be remarked 1) no one is obligated to share pronouns if they do not want to for any reason 2) it is totally okay to not know how you identify (we are all a work in progress)

Typical pronouns include:

  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them (if you don’t want to be gendered)

If you’re not comfortable doing so because you don’t know what to use or don’t want to share this information, then simply ignore this message :slight_smile:

Updating your pronouns

On Matrix/Riot

  1. Go to your profile settings:


  1. Add your pronouns in your display names, like that: Alice (she/her)


  1. Click save

On this forum

  1. Go to your profile settings (click your avatar in the menu, then the little cog):


  1. In the left panel, click “Profile”
  2. In the about me section, add your pronouns, like this: Pronouns: she/her
  3. Click on “save changes”
  4. Next time your click on your avatar or name in a thread, you should see something like this:


On Gitlab

  1. Visit or click on your avatar in the menu, then on “Settings”, as shown below:


  1. Scroll down until you reach the “Bio” section, then add your pronouns, like this: Pronouns: she/her


  1. Click save
  2. Next time your click on your name in a thread, you should see something like this on your profile:


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