Add More Categories to


Have been thinking about a number of ActivityPub related things lately and realizing I could really use a place to gather some of them and then remembered that this forum existed. I see it seems Funkwhale has been using it the most lately.

I was thinking it would be useful to start some categories for client apps. Not sure what the best organization would be but I have been following the development of pretty much all of the iOS and Android apps and think it would be nice to have a place to discus them in comparison to one another. Also some of them might benefit from having their own category and have the app devs get in here too.

Was thinking of starting a megathread with screenshots of the same fediverse post loaded into as many iOS and Android apps as I can to show off what the UX differences are.

Any suggestions on the idea of adding more categories here to Socialhub would be much appreciated.


So far we decided to add three new categories (see New Category about projects willing to implement AP) - does those sounds sufficient?


Do we want to use this forum as a place where implementers could discuss about the protocol itself? Then we would need a fitting category for this.


this is what I was looking speaking with the AP team, and I ended up here! :wink: