Hi all, I’m new on the forum, just found abut it one week ago, nice work and thanks for making a reference point on Federation / ActivityPub networks.

I was wondering if the ActivityPubConf was something related to an ActivityPub Conference, I was thinking about seting up a conference with some of the developers from each project, but not sure if the idea is already being developed. In case not, I might start to reach out some locations and options to see how to make it feasible.


I would definitely attend such a conference.


Do you think it would make sense?


Hi, ActivityPubConf is still in the early planning stage. The goal will be an online conference with both pre-recorded and live presentations. I will post an update to this forum when I have more information!


I think it’s a good idea. (Heck, we may even be approaching the point that an IRL conference would be feasible, but that’s a lot more work to plan.)

I won’t be able to help plan due to my already overloaded schedule, but I’m eager to participate and help promote.


By the way, whether IRL or online-only, we should do a week-long open-to-everyone hackathon the week before. How do people feel about that idea?


maybe we can put both things toghether, an IRL with live streaming everywhere thru fediverse?
We might be able to set it up in Barcelona, Spain. My main question is what would make more sense, if finding donations / sponsors (we have some wayts to do events and get some funding this way too) and make it free entrance or make it with a small amount of ticket entrance. The idea would be to cover all developers expenses that come to talk about their projects…


Certainly the “cheapest” option is to just do it virtually. That said, there is some value in face-to-face interactions. I’m garbage at organizing these kinds of things so I can’t really say much personally about how we should do it.

We could also try to “attach” ActivityPubConf to some existing event like Rebooting Web of Trust or next year’s FOSDEM, similar to how CopyleftConf and Guix Days did.


I work as even planner on a daily basis, so anything needed I can get resources :slight_smile:


I would love to see an AP conference attached to an existing event. I really prefer “face-to-face” a lot. This helps a lot in discussions.


I think it might be easy to find a space here, but what you think it makes more sense, free entrance and sponsored or no sponsor and payed entrance ticket?


I agree with the value of a face to face based event. I think in addition there’s value in doing an organized digital-only conference (live streaming prepared presentations, video calls for discussion, etc) so that we can try to lower the barrier for participation (cheaper than flying and less using/asking time off, less discomfort being in an unfamiliar place) in an attempt at getting more people “together” (digitally) who would otherwise be uncomfortable or excluded. I don’t have hard numbers, this is just me conjecturing based on anecdotal experience.


Some very biased results from a quick and dirty poll on mastodon (I’m sure there’s a better way to do this). This is a very small sample size:

| Digital | Physical | Response |
|   Yes   |    Yes   |     4    |
|   Yes   |  Maybe   |     3    |
|   Yes   |     No   |     3    |
|    No   |    Yes   |     2    |
|    No   |  Maybe   |     1    |
|    No   |     No   |     2    |

I guess the conclusion is: no matter what kind of conference it is, it will always exclude some folks. :sob:


That is a great idea!


@capmisson there’s a good chance the NGI0 Discovery program of the European Commission could commit funds to organize such an event. If you can talk to Francesca Bria, I guess the city of Barcelona might want to join as well and provide space.

I would be interesting to discuss the format of the event.

I don’t think the one-to-many traditional conference type is useful here. Since attendees will also be AP developers, it makes more sense to prepare a few topics in advance, hack some code together, and generally be more horizontal and peer-to-peer than a classical developer conference. Fly in, stay a day, fly out is an irresponsible model for conferences; intead the format of the APConf should reflect the ethics behind this kind of technologies, which seems to me unrelated to that mode of existence promoted by the corporate model. Instead, people should be prepared to move slow, stay longer, live together for a while. I know it sounds hardly possible, but so did Web federation not so long ago.


At least we can try to list events where activity pub was mentioned or involved ?

Relates to:


I really like @how’s thought about staying longer! I prefer to take my time, have enough time to collaborate and get stuff done together. I also must say, Idk how fast other people write software, but for me a single day packed with presentations and coding and talking is very little time, it may work nicely for the “one-to-many” type of conference but I think if we want to have time to code, think, talk, do another iteration etc. we need not to be in a hurry.

Both face-to-face and virtual sound great to me, face-to-face costs m0ney-wise a lot more to me as an individual to attend (in particular the flight price and missing j0b days because my j0b place pays per hour) but I guess there’s a lot of added value in face-to-face.


Note that funding should take care of this for you. What about your regular job? Can’t you get some vacation time, or justify to them that it could be done on your working time? If your job is related to ActivityPub and your boss does not get that, you should change jobs :slight_smile:


Funding would be nice of course, but I’m not sure anyone would want to give me any :slight_smile:

My job-for-money is based on shifts and pays per hour and is unrelated to technology. I can probably get vacation time, it will just be unpaid, that’s all. But still, even without any funding, I can probably handle the m0ney stuff and participate in an ActivityPub conference/hackathon.


I think the funding for the people who com to do some presentation or talk should be included.

On the other hand, should the entrance ticket be free or some price to cover all that costs? I think a small price can be enough to cover the costs of all speakers.
It would make sense to do maybe a full weekend from Friday to Sunday so there is enough space to do some labs, speeches, and have some free time to meet new people.