ActivityPubConf 2019 Prague

Continuing the discussion from ActivityPubConf:

@cwebber announced ActivityPubConf 2019 in Prague, September 7 & 8, with a keynote by Mark S. Miller.

I missed the very short submission window (from July 22nd to 29th) and regret this was not announced here in the first place.

Is anyone going to attend or speak there?

I’m thinking on joining, especially to round the corners of this forum’s role in the community.

P.S.: we have the #fediconf category to prepare next year’s conference in Barcelona.


Everything came together fast so we forgot to post here… sorry. It has been a lot and we’ve been under-resourced; it’s easy to miss things.

However, we’re going to also be announcing that the #fediconf is happening while at APConf 2019.

I’ll post the schedule on here when we put it up tomorrow.

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Speaker list posted!


There’s an unofficial official page now :slight_smile:

Updated the page!

Wishing everybody safe and happy travels,
Sebastian, Conf Co-Organiser

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I started a thread on Mastodon to gather suggestions from the community:

Last night’s picnic was good to meet (almost) everyone in advance of the conference. The park was a great location. Many thanks to @sl007 for organizing it!

I’m looking forward to this first day of conference.