ActivityPub: One Protocol to Rule Them All

@Cory_Slep mentioned a very interesting article by Dennis Schubert, a Diaspora* developer, who explains both the technical choices of ActivityPub and how they differ from the approach chosen at D*.

What’s your take?

@Cory_Slep responds to the arguments set forth by Dennis:

TL;DR: My views on the shortcomings of the protocol are that shortcomings exist and working within the community is the way forward. Whether that means an actual independent and open Federation of devs needs to be made to help govern the personalities writing the apps, IDK.

Two points:

  1. Folks at feneas also had a rebuttal to the same piece, that I was not aware of at the time I made my post:

  1. I’ve thought on these criticisms more in the context of how I’ve philosophically approached ActivityPub, and am planning on contributing two blog posts to the public discussion. I stink at writing, therefore my proofreader / editor is currently overworked. So it may be another day or two for the first one to appear.

My view is here: