A brand new site to start contributing to Funkwhale



Logo by @troll

I’m pleased to announce that are brand new contribution site is now ready and live. Check it out at https://contribute.funkwhale.audio/

Why a dedicated site?

We always had contribution instructions available for various tasks (coding, donations, etc.), but they were scattered in multiple places. This made it difficult for newcomers to navigate that.

Having everything centralized in a single, consistent interface will make it easier for everyone to help the project. As a bonus, the new site is also fully translatable in other language, meaning contribution will be easier for people that do not speak english!

A screenshot a the donation guide on the new site

Time-boxed tasks, step by step guides

Each suggested task is clearly time-boxed. We think first-time constributors will benefit from this, by being able to pick a task they can do in the time they got at their disposal, leading in a less frustrating experience.

Each guide is also cleanly splitted in small, easy-to-grasp steps. Here again, this is to reduce the complexity of contribution and provide a simple first contact with the project.

What’s next ?

As you can see on the homepage, most of the tasks still miss a step-by-step guide. Writing those guides will be done progressively in the future. You can help with that (or even submit new tasks) by visiting https://code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhale/contribute and submitting your suggestions, or open dedicated issues.

The code behind this is still rather new, so their may be bugs, feel free to report anything unusual here or on the issue tracker.

Huge thanks to @troll for the logo, to people working on the translations for this and to our beta-testers bug reporters!

Do you want to reuse this for your own project?

You can! Instructions are available at https://code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhale/contribute#use-this-in-your-own-project.

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