413 Error when uploading music


Hello there,
My instance was updated to 0.17 last December and at first, I had no problem uploading my music using the web interface (I’ve never used the CLI).
I don’t know how it started but now I’m unable to upload any music : uploads are “denied : Upload refused, ensure the file is not too big and you have not reached your quota”. I have the 413 network error “Request Entity Too Large”.
However, my files aren’t bigger than before and I’m sure that I haven’t reached my quota (which I can easily change because I’m an admin).
Besides, I don’t see any record of these upload attempts in the celeryworker logs.
Has anyone ever had this problem and found a way to solve it ?
Thanks a lot for your help and your work !


Hi @narf, this error is likely not linked to your quota, and coming from a limit enforced at the webserver (nginx or apache) level. If you are using nginx, can you check what is the value of NGINX_MAX_BODY_SIZE in your env file, and for a client_max_body_size line in your nginx virtualhost file?

Both should be set to a higher value than the size of the files you are trying to upload.

If you are using apache, the relevant setting is LimitRequestBody 104857600 (here 104857600 means 100MB).


Thanks for you answer !
I checked the env file and I have : NGINX_MAX_BODY_SIZE=30M
In the virtualhost file, I have : client_max_body_size ${NGINX_MAX_BODY_SIZE};
Maybe there’s something I’m missing but it seems that 30M is big enough, my files are 5 or 6 MB max !

Edit : My bad, I wasn’t editing the right nginx conf file ! All seems to work well know. Thanks Eliot :slight_smile: